Conserve Time

Time: your most precious commodity. Can you afford to continually rebuild complex spreadsheets just because columns or rows regularly shift? Isn’t your time better spent on analysis and forecasting, rather than data formatting? Don’t you deserve a better shot at meeting all those deadlines? Check out how TRANSDATA significantly accelerates data model development and generation.

Save Money

Shall we count the ways you will save money with TRANSDATA? Routine, mundane tasks become automated, analysts have more time to analyze, forecast and project, data-shaping and modeling errors are greatly reduced, and decision-making is now enhanced by shaping and analyzing previously-unused data. TRANSDATA opens new vistas of scope, productivity, and savings to your organization.

Balance Resources

In TRANSDATA, it is the business user that is most familiar with the data objective who is the one creating the data model, freeing-up costly Information Technology programming resources, and doing away with expensive (and often frustrating) iterative cycles of having a technologist develop and perfect the required outcome. You know the data, you know the business, you build the model!

Feedback Loops

Create models that use loops and recursions, employing the output from a previous iteration as its input, creating more comprehensive results.

Data Transformation

Transform datasets by swapping field data with different inputs; find and replace data by referencing separate datasets or create multilevel consolidations (roll-ups).

Imports and Exports

Multiple inputs and outputs – Import and Export datasets within models, allowing flexibility and graphical presentation of data management logic.


Run models with new data automatically via command line executed scripts. Schedule jobs or integrate TRANSDATA into a larger corporate process utilizing Server Shell scripts for automatic data processing.

Time Series

Allows models to run that support process optimization and simulation; collect and analyze large volumes of data in sequence at very high velocity.


Aggregate data by count, total count, listing, and sum of data automatically based on unique values.

Merge Datasets

Merge disparate and irregular datasets; Blend disparate / irregular datasets originating from different file formats. Easier and more flexible than SQL JOIN statements.

Ragged Data Sets

All TRANSDATA tools and functions automatically handle non-rectangular (ragged) and misshapen datasets as readily as rectangular data.

Numerical solver

Find the Minimum,  Maximum, or Specified Target Value to a problem you are working on.  Simply tell it what things you want to optimize for, which drivers are allowed to change, and launch!


TRANSDATA’s key advantages help it rise above the crowd, and help you perform your mission-critical data tasks with speed, ease, and accuracy:
  • No programming required
  • Works with all data shapes and sizes
  • Easy to update
  • Expandable
  • Flexible solution optimizing
  • Free-up IT resources

Dark Data? Time to Bring it to Light!

Is your organization sitting on mountains of data left unanalyzed and excluded from the business decision-making process due to its uneven shape and disparate repositories? Time to let the TRANSDATA ® Platform manipulate, clean, and blend hitherto unused datasets in a crisp, visual manner, better supporting your forecasting and projection needs.

testimonial & Recognition

“The engineers at TRANSDATA made an in-person visit to our facility, analyzed and helped articulate our challenges, and assisted in building a solution that provided enhanced visibility to our purchasing process.”

Joe H., Business Analyst, AccuMed.

Let’s show your data who’s boss!

Don’t let your data’s current format or shape stand in the way of unlocking its value – let TRANSDATA bridge the gap between data and business knowledge!

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