Transdata Solutions Announces an Industry-First: TRANSDATA® Expert, Model Design with Runtime Distribution

April 30, 2018

TRANSDATA® Expert is Here!

We’re proud to announce the immediate availability of our latest release (codenamed CHARA), incorporating a significant first-to-market innovation, the ability to create and distribute an encrypted, unmodifiable data model for deployment by end users.

With TRANSDATA Expert (TDX) the author of a model is reassured of both operational stability and intellectual property (IP) protection. The distributed TRANSDATA model is executed on the end-user’s desktop, with no ability to modify or repurpose it, only run it as intended.

“TRANSDATA Expert represents the data industry’s first-ever commercially-available solution to legitimate concerns voiced by Data Consultants and Advisers, who continually have to suffer from end-user modifications to their creations, and are unable to effectively defend their IP against unauthorized and uncompensated use” stated Jim Messina, Transdata Solutions’ Chief Marketing Officer. “With packages starting at just $3,000, the stress-reduction alone makes TDX a great value.” Jim adds: “Our new release also fully supports similar intra-organizational needs, where a few data model designers create solutions for many end users”.

As part of this new release we’re making available TRANSDATA Action, the freestanding runtime application available for both Windows 64-bit and macOS environments. “One of the cool things we’ve incorporated is a switch over to a secure binary model file, which not only helps protect content created under TDX, but also greatly accelerates the speed with which models are loaded and processed” says Andy Kerfonta, Transdata’s Chief Product Officer. “The latest release even gives Data Consultants the ability to add their own brand to distributed models, giving them a distinct competitive differentiation”.

To find out more about how TRANSDATA Expert can put your data-modeling needs on afterburners, please visit us online at, or call us toll-free at +1.877.484.7890.