TRANSDATA brings many advantages to the forefront, simplifying data manipulation tasks, increasing analytical capabilities, and greatly accelerating the development and execution of forward-looking data models.
Designed for business users

No programming or computer expertise is required to build out TRANSDATA models. The solution is expressly built for operation by Business Analysts and Forecasters.

Easily work with data

Size and shape are not a concern. As long as your computer can load it, TRANSDATA can handle it.

Easy to update

When you need to expand the model or make improvements or changes, it is extremely easy. TRANSDATA does away with the need for macros and command lines.

Highly expandable

Easily expand existing models without reworking everything. Simply add and relink. With TRANSDATA you can even build a model that uses an existing model as a component! As an example, if you are building a Profitability model, you can utilize the existing Revenue model.

Optimize your solutions

With TRANSDATA you have a fully functional model-aware Optimization engine. Find the Minimum or Maximum to a problem you are working on – simply tell it what you want to optimize, which items are allowed to change, and launch! No need to learn different algorithms or have to deal with variables.

Free up IT Resources

Empower the business user, the one who understands the problem, to be the one who builds the solution. Moreover, TRANSDATA models can be called from Shell scripts, further freeing up costly time.