1. Designed for business users and analysts. No programming or computer expertise required to build out models that represent your firm and the solution to your dilemma.
  2. Easily work with data. Size and shape is not a concern. As long as your computer can load it, TD can handle it. It makes no difference if you’re dealing with one file containing one word or 30 files containing massive amounts of data!
  3. Easy to update. When you need to expand the model or make improvements/changes, it is extremely easy. Plus, the nature of this solution does away with the need for Macros, command lines, etc to be successful.
  4. Very expandable. It is easy to add more to existing models without reworking everything. Simply add and relink. With TD, you can even build a model, that uses an existing model as a component! So for example, if you are building a Profitability model, you can utilize the already existing Revenue model.
  5. Optimize your solutions! With TD, you have a fully functional Optimization engine that is fully aware of your model. Find the Minimum or Maximum to a problem you are working on.  You simply tell it what things you want to optimize, which things are allowed to change, and launch it! No need to learn about different algorithms, or deal with variables or any of those hassles that come with other solutions!
  6. Free up IT Resources. Allow the business user, the one who understands the problem to be the one who builds the solution. With TD, they can. TD models can called from Shell scripts (scripts often used by servers) freeing up their time. This allows the business users to become more productive in creating more powerful TD models and benefiting the business even further!
  7. Customize your solutions your way! Other solutions require that you use their tools their way.. This can make things easy, but limits the flexibility on what and how it can be done. TD was designed with flexibility in mind. There are many ways a model can solve a problem. Examples include: Many ways a hierarchy can be built. Many ways a exchange rate translation is done. Many ways a allocation can be performed. Don’t limit yourself to their paradigm, because then your data and results are also limited.

This is perfect, for Maintenance Pages, Coming Soon Pages or to create unique Landing Pages to advertise your products.

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