This was quite a large release.  Not only were there a lot of visual and UX improvements, but we made some substantial under-the-hood improvements and added 6 functions.  Here are the highlights:

  • User-defined node and layer colors
  • User-defined layer names
  • New layer toolbox
  • Merge speed improvement (in many cases >10x)
  • Model notes
  • Input names automatically updated in formula(s) and other nodes when a node name is changed in model
  • Improvements to date / time handling
  • Solver improvements
  • New functions:

Nodes and Layers

Node and layer colors

Transdata has had layers for a long time, but they were pretty simple.  They didn’t have names (just numbers) and there was no visual indication of what layer(s) a node might be in.  Not only did we address both of those things, but there’s now a handy toolbox that appears next to your model for toggling layers, changing their names, and changing their colors (the toolbox itself can be toggled from the View or Layers menu).